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After a bit of a downturn, the Life Settlements market is experiencing a significant resurgence. Baby Boomers and aging consumers are looking to liquidize and utilize life insurance policy dollars in their lifetime, while savvy investors with capital want an investment opportunity not impacted by the fluctuating stock market or interest rates.

Stonehill professionals helps our clients maximize the cash value of their life insurance policy. We are able to entice multiple bidders from a growing secondary market and negotiate for the most competitive offer. While the qualifications for considering a life settlement are varied, they typically include:

The health of the insured:

  • Policy was issued a Standard or a Preferred policy
  • They have had a change of health since policy issue
  • They have a median life expectancy of 15 years or less


The ideal policy values:

  • Low cash-value policies without loans taken on them
  • Low premiums
  • The policy matures at age 100 or beyond
  • The most ideal policy:
    • Universal Life (UL), Term, Whole Life (WL) or Survivorship Universal Life (SUL) with one deceased
    • $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • Jumbo policies $5,000,000 to $50,000,000
  • Policies $25,000 to $500,000 may be eligible for long term care settlements to fund care

A secondary market solution may also be a suitable choice to:

  • Reduce or eliminate future premiums
  • Create more financial security and comfortable during retirement
  • Address business changes, i.e., no longer need key-man or buy/sell insurance
  • Fund long-term care
  • Create short-term liquidity
  • Valuing policies for Mergers & Acquisitions or bankruptcy
  • Charity or non-profit, i.e., "Giving while living"
    • Solve the challenges of low donations during capital campaigns
    • Generate liquidity by selling policies to fund projects