3 reasons we’re not like traditional life settlement brokers

Stonehill Settlements was founded to give brokerage houses a settlement broker they want to work with. Someone they can trust to work on behalf of their clients, with the experience and expertise to get the true market value for the life settlement offering.

We’ve changed the model of the traditional life settlement brokerage, streamlining and simplifying the process for all involved by offering 3 key value-adds:

1. A fixed, flat fee regardless of whether the sale is a single policy or a complex portfolio of policies consisting of term life, whole life, universal life and even group insurance. Your clients not only get the best possible offer for their life insurance policies, but the fixed flat fee means they get to keep a greater share of the proceeds.

2. Deep industry and carrier relationships. Stonehill’s extensive connections and dealings are the foundation for our ability to streamline the negotiation and closing processes, enabling us to:

  • Quickly secure all the policy information, medical records, and Life Expectancy report from the carrier
  • Engage multiple bidders and negotiate a competitive, true value for the life settlement offering
  • Rapidly obtain the change of ownership and beneficiary forms to execute the closing and get everyone paid in a timely manner

3. Agent protection. Stonehill’s clients are brokerage houses, not individual agents. A BGA bringing Stonehill a life settlement opportunity is identified by the brokerage house, so there is no risk of an agent doing business outside the normal company’s operations.

The life settlement industry: one heck of a roller coaster ride

Today’s life settlements market is vastly different from a dozen years ago. The recession in 2007 and subsequent market upheavals saw many companies abandon the life settlements market altogether.

During this time, the various life settlement participants changed and the market matured and transformed. Stonehill leaders remained, learned, and ultimately persevered. Now that the market is thriving, we are perfectly positioned to provide our value-added services to our brokerage-house clients.

Stonehill Settlements weathered the storm and came out stronger. Join us as we reap the benefits of a resurging life settlements market.