Life Settlements Endorsed by NAIC Innovation Group as Private Market Option for Financing Long-Term Care Services

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has approved a document for policymakers and various stakeholders that provides an overview of long-term care (LTC) financing mechanisms currently available in the private market, including the life settlement option. The LISA team had been working with the NAIC’s Long-Term Care Innovation Subgroup in an effort to include … Read More

New Florida Law Affects Life Policyholders Who Want to Change Policies

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott recently signed into law a bill that will require life insurance companies to advise policyholders to consult with a licensed insurance agent or financial advisor before making changes to their policies. The Florida state legislature passed H.B. 1007, a bill designed to regulate how insurers help fight insurance fraud in the state, on … Read More

3 Insurance-Based Medicaid Planning Strategies

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A longtime advocate of private long-term care insurance contends that many consumers use insurance-based strategies to game the Medicaid nursing home benefits eligibility system. Stephen Moses, president of the Seattle-based Center for Long-Term Care Reform, includes descriptions of insurance-based strategies consumers can use to meet Medicaid asset limits in a new report on ideas for fixing the … Read More

Market Volume Continues to Surge; 2016 Busiest Year in Secondary Market Since 2009

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 The Deal, a business unit of TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ: TST), issued results from its annual survey of the life settlement market which reveal that transactions increased 47% last year, as small-face policies gained traction and marketing efforts began reaching consumers. The survey, compiled mainly from information obtained through public records requests to state insurance departments, includes data from 31 … Read More

The Importance of Disclosing the Life Settlement Option

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Is withholding information about life settlements a breach of fiduciary duty? Larry and Joan Grill sure thought so when they filed a lawsuit against Lincoln National Life Insurance Company alleging fraud, deceit, financial elder abuse and unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business practices. Back in 2004, Larry and Joan Grill bought a second-to-die policy with a … Read More