We help you obtain the True Market Value for your policies.

Stonehill is a fully transparent, client-centric, boutique “whole-sale” life settlement broker revolutionizing the way compensation is paid. Stonehill is compensated a flat fixed fee of 50 basis points of face amount for every completed transaction.

Why do BGAs turn to Stonehill Settlements? Trust and expertise.

Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs)/Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) turn to Stonehill Settlements for our vast experience and wealth of contacts in the secondary markets to secure the true value of a single policy or a complex portfolio.

Policy owners receive, on average, a lump sum cash settlement that is four times more than the cash surrender value of the policy. Our breakthrough model streamlines and simplifies the entire transaction process for all parties, concluding with smooth, timely closings and quick disbursements.

Stonehill is a leader in the life settlement space with access to the full breadth of market participants. Encompassing both Institutional as well as private buyers, Stonehill’s access to the buying community is second to none.

Stonehill Settlements: A new model, a positive return

How to Qualify

Stonehill Settlements are available throughout the United States. Click here to find out how you qualify in your state.

The Stonehill Advantage

Stonehill Settlements was founded to give brokerage houses a settlement broker they want to work with. Click here to learn more about Stonehill Settlements.

How does a life settlement work?

There have been changes in the life settlements marketplace over the years. Click Here to find out how they work and how Stonehill can make them work for you.